Day Lee – “Bad Vibes”

“Bad Vibes”, released August 24 via Republic Records, is a Rap/Autotune track by buzzing phenomenon Day Lee. The writing is extremely catchy and the lyrics are down to earth. Day Lee speaks of a love interest coming in with unwanted energy, which is something many of his fans can relate to. His voice is exceedingly smooth on top of the electronic keyboards and solid beat. Intertwined with hooky “ahs” and call and response backing vocals, the whole production is finely polished. The simple chords have a contemporary R&B flavor, showing that Day Lee fuses many styles together to create his own commercial sound.

The thing that makes Day Lee stand out, in my opinion, is how much he is dedicated to his craft, and that his story is proof of hard work and persistence eventually leading to success.  Day Lee had grown up living in a crowded housing project apartment with with mother and extended family. Once his uncle heard him sing, he encouraged him to seriously pursue it. So thereon Day Lee dedicated countless hours to honing his craft both as a singer and visual artist.  He was committed to make it on every level, which included even taking a 75 minute train ride from his grandmother’s house in Brooklyn to Manhattan every day just to attend classes. He began recording in a friend’s home studio and began hustling to put out new music on his own. Here is the true testament to his character: he didn’t let the artist struggle get him down – he just constantly kept putting out music and exercising discipline in his writing, rhymes, melody creation, and wordplay. As it turned out, he ended up posting up three millions streams independently and started receiving industry attention from gatekeepers such as WorldStarHipHop, Karen Civil, Lyrical Lemonade, among others. As he tirelessly built up a fanbase for his music, his moment came back in 2017 when he released his single “Mattress”. This song caught the attention of multi platinum phenomenon PnB Rock, who opened the door for Day Lee to sign to Republic Records within a year.

Since then he has been gaining fast traction, and “Bad Vibes” is setting the stage for his new EP due soon.  “Bad Vibes” has already received some radio buzz, over 600K streams, and acclaim from 360 Magazine and Fresh! Hip-Hop R&B who called the song a “Diamond in the Rough”.  All in all, Day Lee is a highly talented recording artist who brings conscious lyrics and good vibes to the Trap&B scene.

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