Artist Interview: “Story” by Myoon

Q: ”Story” has a light & dark ambience, with some deep lyrics about an end of a love. What was the inspiration behind this song?

MYOON: You’re right, the lyrics of our song ”Story” is about the need to give a fresh start to your feelings and the energy you might be wasting while having bad habits or a toxic desire for someone or something, keeping you away from a new beginning. Change is coming.

You know, those moments when you think you should run away from a situation or just go home, but you end up staying right where you are, in that vicious circle? Well, ”Story” is saying «There we are, but now I’m going to break that cycle, and I’m determined to go ahead with my life towards a better place ». Playing and singing ”Story” means that it’s time to release your mind, to open your eyes and to breathe fresh air again. This is what our song ”Story” is about. “Baby it’s time to drop the pressure!” and let’s start over something else, something good for your soul.

Q: This song combines a great production, and a nice vocal interpretation, creating a unique environment. What did you enjoy most about making ”Story”?

MYOON: Each step is interesting during the creation process. But there is always this specific moment when we’re getting closer to the final touch, and then we decide to redesign the track again. As a result, a new layer appears into the song, even a new way to understand it. This moment is always quite magical, as we are totally stripped of the initial track, giving the song a brand new life. This happened with Story.

Q: How is it to have a band/duo with your brother?

MYOON: We complete each other with our different skills and artistic visions. Augustin is a composer and DJ, Charles is an actor and performer. We grew up in Paris together and we’re very happy to have tried some things before, just for fun, so that we eventually meet people in the music industry and give birth to our project Myoon. When we were kids, we discovered various types of music, classical music included and today, we both want to share our emotions, most of all hope and joy, and connect with the audience.

Q: What are your influences?

MYOON: When we were teenagers, we enjoyed very much U2, Daft Punk, The Police, Dr Dre, Naughty by Nature, the Wu-Tang Clan, Herbie Hancock, Ravel, Debussy, James Brown, MC Solaar, Gainsbourg… Hip-hop, electro, RnB, funk, soul… We are still inspired by many styles and many talented artists such as Billie Eilish, Curtis Harding, Q, Melouie, Payfone, Chet Faker, Arlo Parks or Ichon, for instance.

Q: What is coming next for you?

MYOON: At the time we’re answering your question, Night Clubs just reopened in France and Concerts are starting again. So we hope to see you very soon LIVE with Myoon! We should be on stage with the band around fall this year. On top of that, another single should be released with Inside Records in September and we are currently working on new material and recording original songs in studio. So we feel very lucky during the hard time we are all going through with the pandemic and everything. We are in 2021, Myoon’s adventure has grown through the years and we are very grateful for everything happening today.

Q: What is one message you would give to your fans?

MYOON: Be the hero of your day. Be true. Be good to people around you and enjoy the life you’ve been given. We hope you’ll like our next pieces of music and that you will smile, cry, scream, run and laugh on Myoon’s tracks as long as you can.

Interviewed by Rodrigo Guerra





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