“Used To Be” – Jback

Living in the past is easy, and more normal than one thinks. It is comforting to many to relish in memories than to face the future. This is why we constantly rewatch ‘The Office’ and reflect on days gone by. It is also the reason why “Used To Be” by Jback came to be. A song that yearns to hit rewind on better days of a relationship that has long since gone away, this’ll hit you in the feels if you too have been in this retrospective phase. 

His fourth single 2021, Jback is getting a little sentimental with “Used To Be.” You can hear the sort of regret and sadness in each line as this duet features the heartache of a couple that is no more – or close to the finish line. Relationships are often easier in the beginning. That stereotypical honeymoon phase is no joke, but no one is laughing when things get real and the actual work to make a pairing last takes over. That is when many start to look back at the photographs laced with smiling faces and wish on every shooting star for those moments back. “Used To Be” captures that and then some in this emotive pop song. 

Hailing from Greece, Jback is an all of the above sort of talent. He is an artist, a DJ, and a producer who is on his way to the top. He dropped his debut, “Forever Young,” not too long ago in 2021. Since then he’s had his eye on the prize, releasing three more singles including his first of 2022, “Used To Be.” To hear that and more from Jback, make sure to check him out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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