“Universe” – KING LX

One can only take so many hits before they think, what does the universe have against me? 

That’s the underlying question of “Universe” from the dynamic duo, KING LX. A wonderfully constructed song that’s as powerful as it is entertaining that can be interpreted in a number of ways. With each listen I found myself thinking, this could be about a romantic pairing, a group of people, or even us as a whole as we’ve all been living in a state of trauma for over a year. 

Benji’s vocals take the reins as this narrative balances the tragedy of feeling the weight of the world stacked against you, and the inner strength to push forward and make it through to the next day. In many ways, KING LX as a whole delivered a song that parallels the inspired hope of Andra Day’s, “Rise Up.” Like that 2015 hit that continues to be a beacon of audible light, “Universe” offers itself to be one of those songs that can be used in a number of ways from campaigns to beautiful choir performances around the world. 

In a time where reality is constantly daunting to face, songs like “Universe” offers both strength and act as a shoulder to lean on. Audiences can sing along and be embraced by the heart of the lyrics and the warmth of the composition that surrounds them. 

Those looking for music that is both inspired and great to listen to can check out “Universe” from KING LX, as it’s available on all major and music streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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