“China Doll” – Nordi Blu

There is a notebook buried deep in boxed-up memories filled with things I penned at 17. None of them are as moving as “China Doll” from Nordi Blu, a song she wrote at that age. In it, she delivers emotive pop encased in a folk shell alongside a tale one too many can and will relate to, and one we can hope gives them the strength they need to reach for tomorrow. 

Tomorrow, more a character in “China Doll” than an idea, a construct of time. Nordi Blu sings the story of a traumatic loss of innocence. In the US alone, one out of five women can attest to the narrative displayed in this song. So you can imagine how many worldwide will hear this and feel an instant connection. Because while the basis of this story is all too familiar, Nordi Blu shows immense strength in looking to tomorrow, again treated more as a person one can look forward to meeting over and over again. Each day being another step towards healing. 

Nordi Blu started her musical journey many years ago, singing alongside the French women on her family tree. From there she sprouted into her own and landed on the German version of ‘The Voice,’ her debut in 2018. Today, she’s released two brand new singles in 2021, with “China Doll” being the latest from her upcoming album. 

Those interested in listening to an emotional, moving track that seamlessly marries pop and folk, can check out Nordi Blu’s “China Doll,” available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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