“Stereotype” – Elle Baez

The conversation around representation in the media often leans towards race, and while that’s extremely important – that’s not the only aspect of ourselves we yearn to see. Growing up a mixed, chunky, broke nerd – there was no one that checked every single box. I’m not sure if there is anyone today that does. Alas, those of us who are far from white, thin, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed are still pushing to see ourselves. Those like Elle Baez. This Brooklyn-based singer is not only repping her Latina heritage, but also body positivity in her latest single, “Stereotype.” 

Anyone who has ever carried extra weight around knows all too well the stereotypes and well, nightmares that can come from it because the outside world always wants to make your weight – their business. This is why the body-posi movement set in place some years ago has been so wonderful to see, especially as someone who grew up larger than everyone else on the playground. As wonderful as the movement has been to see, it’s even greater to hear a song like “Stereotype” because it hits on so many levels. 

On one hand, for those of us who know exactly what Elle Baez is singing about, it hits personally. On the other hand, “Stereotype” is just a great song. Much in the same way that TLC and Christina Aguilera delivered on similar levels with “Unpretty” and “Beautiful.” Only Elle Baez didn’t take the slow jam approach, but instead amped up the pop and made a contemporary pop song that also dishes out a great message. 

“Stereotype” is available now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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