“To Be His” – Daisy Bleu

Often, it’s difficult to find the words to describe the way a song affects you–sometimes the stars align in just the right way to produce something with the right chords, the right vocalist, the right melodies, and the right lyrics. “To Be His” by Daisy Bleu is that kind of song. As she sings about the ever-harrowing process of changing for someone else’s desires, a retro, 6/8 groove provides the foundation for sweet, gymnastic vocal runs and touching melodies. 

The song begins with Daisy crooning, “I deleted my pictures even when I felt pretty,” over top of this gentle, amorphous synth. Radio static covers the sound, furthering the already vintage atmosphere. As she recites the hook, a simple, distorted drum groove pops in and propels us into the verse. It enters suddenly, and with a beautiful clarity: “Paint a smile on my face / Brush my hair / Shrink my waist.” In an instant, we’re transported to a feeling we’ve all experienced before–insecurity. There’s a certain amount of catharsis to a song like this. Hearing someone relay regret about the yearning they had to be loved and the lengths they went to to procure it is not only relatable but encouraging. 


As the song carries on, we’re graced with washes of background vocals, classic chord progressions, and varied instrumentation. A piano plinks out an even beat through the chorus.  A guitar performs these staccato hits against the rhythm. A synth bass outlines syncopated melodies. It’s the perfect recipe for a familiar, indulgent, satisfying pop song. 


If any of this sounds enticing to you, be sure to watch out for Daisy Bleu! This is her debut single, but it’s clear she’s got more up her sleeve. 

Written by Alyce lindberg

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