“Rewind” – Santos Silva

Sometimes, with pop music, the editing and production tend to overshadow the raw, genuine nature of a song. Santos Silva manages to give us both vibrant production value and soul-bearing intensity in his latest release, “Rewind.” His powerful, raspy tone perches atop a wildly interesting track, teeming with unexpected textures and melodies. If you ever feel jaded by the oceans of pop music you have to wade through just to get to the good stuff, this song will remind you why you’re looking in the first place. 

The intro sports some reversed and sped-up noises, a clear nod to the title of the song itself. A low guitar lick comes in, solidifying the groove and key of the song. Santos sings, “Standing in the place where you left me out here waiting,” as a simple electronic drum keeps up the rhythm. As the form continues, we’re gifted with so many differing elements. The pre-chorus drops to just a pulsating synth. Background vocals fly from ear to ear, drenched in reverb and copious other effects. The chorus crashes into existence via a swath of choir-like vocals crying, “over and over and over.” As soon as it hits the bass plummets, and Santos’s voice careens into a tuneful falsetto. 



At this point, as a listener, you’re completely sold. This track has given us experimental sounds, otherworldly effects, catchy melodies, and even a dash of text painting–but, even without this obligatory over-analyzation, the song feels incredible. There’s no denying that Santos Silva is a musical powerhouse. 


Written by Alyce lindberg

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