“The Feeling of Letting Go” – Moxy The Band

“The Feeling of Letting Go” by Moxy The Band incorporates the styles of Katy Perry, Walk The Moon, and Carly Rae Jepsen incredibly smoothly. It will simultaneously remind you of things, then strike you with an undeniable uniqueness–and while you’re trying to digest the beautifully chaotic atmosphere, you’re gifted with an infectious chorus melody. All this to say, the track is absolutely phenomenal.

The beginning employs a lot of textures, including but not limited to a tremolo-soaked synth, an ethereal arpeggiator, and a gust of wind. Already, you can tell you’re in for the ride of your life. The vocals enter fiercely, bolstered by a belted, throaty, incredibly warm tone. A call-and-response style backing vocal harmonizes between phrases. All through the verse, the percussive aspects of the song remain bust as the vocal melody keeps a comparatively drawn-out shape.

Short, staccato syllables signal the beginning of the chorus. Each hit is drenched with harmonies in the best way. Synths accent different divisions of the beat than the drums, and the drums accent different divisions of the beat than the melody. The groove here is unbeatable. There are very few comparable choruses in the realm of pop music.

If you deem yourself a pop music fanatic, you’ll melt for this track. Moxy The Band uses every trick in the book to get you hooked on it. Be sure to give them some love on Spotify and Instagram! They’ve got more music where that came from, and they’re doubtlessly a band to look out for.




Written by Alyce lindberg

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