“How It Feels” – Emily Henry

“How It Feels” by Emily Henry is an uplifting pop track that just might be the cure for seasonal depression. With a hypnotically catchy chorus and a bright, clever set of lyrics, this song will absolutely invigorate you. Not to mention, Emily’s vocals inject it with an organic, skillful uniqueness. If you like early Katy Perry, you’ll adore “How It Feels.”

It starts with a palm-muted set of simple guitar chords and a distant, covered drum track. A swell and a cheerful vocal motif send us straight into the verse: “I only play for the highest stakes / I’m on the attack, yeah / Never look back.” The guitar switches to a smooth arpeggio. The instrumentation thickens, as new layers of bass, guitar, and drums ornament the pre-chorus. Suddenly, it all drops out for just a moment. Emily’s voice becomes intimate and whispered. “That’s how it feels,” she chimes suddenly, thrusting us into the powerful, riff-driven chorus.

One of the most notable reasons why this song works so well is its dynamic shape. Loud bursts of music coupled with small, quiet moments allow for a gratifying juxtaposition. The chorus feels as decadent as it does because it’s often sandwiched between sparseness. The guitar and vocal motifs feel like they erupt into existence.

All that being said, Emily Henry’s artistry carries an infectious energy–one listen to “How It Feels,” and you won’t be able to stop smiling. So, go ahead and give her a follow and a download! She’s got a lot more where that came from.



Written by Alyce lindberg

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