“Spooky Szn 3” – Kid Travis

Catchiness is this fleeting, indescribable quality that music sometimes possesses. Every songwriter strives for it, and every consumer recognizes it immediately. There’s no rulebook for creating it–Is it the melody? The groove? The lyrics? Is it some confusing amalgam of all three? Whatever it is, we know it when we hear it, and “Spooky Szn 3” by Kid Travis has mountains of it. This song is so easy to enjoy. It’s the kind of beat that seeps into your brain and leaves you hungry for more. 

It begins with this distorted, almost gymnastic bass riff and a few melodic vocal ad-libs. Every sound so far has that covered, almost radio static buzz to it. Quite keenly, it dissolves immediately as the verse begins. The vocalist croons, “I’ve been running from nightmares,” as some tight, staccato drum samples fill in the rhythm. Within these first few seconds, the song already has that trustworthy quality to it. It’s an odd word to use to describe a piece of music, but sometimes you hear something that just sounds so right, you can trust you’ll like the whole thing. 


The chorus, like with most pop songs, is the most remarkable section of the song. The lyrics are cheeky and memorable. The motifs are familiar. Notably, the vocals sound incredible. Not only are they edited cleanly, but the timbre and tone of Kid Travis’s voice are gloriously unique. He sounds raspy, warm, and powerful all at once. 


As the song continues on, we’re graced with many of the same melodies, but topped with harmonies and new effects. There’s a comfort that comes with familiarity and repetition. Even as the song fades out, those same vocal ad-libs from the intro give us one last taste of the satisfying, deliciousness that is “Spooky Szn 3.” Be sure to give Kid Travis a listen. You’ll find that all of his music is just as tasty. 

Written by Alyce lindberg

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