“Lemonade” – Sammi Constantine

“Lemonade” by Sammi Constantine is by all definitions an anthem. She preaches independence, empowerment, and sexual liberty in the same breath–all bolstered by a vivacious, dramatic, and expertly produced pop track. This song could be the tipping point in convincing you not to put up with someone who can’t meet your needs, or at the very least, it’ll validate you meeting your own. 

The song actually begins with the chorus in a simpler, more broken-down form. Sammi chimes the oh-so catchy hook, “Maybe I just ain’t got enough sex appeal,” over some moody, swelling synths. It’s a compelling way to create interest to put the chorus first, especially if the second time it’s louder, fuller, and more bombastic (spoiler–it definitely is). Even halfway through this section, we’re met with some deep, energetic horns that tease the underlying motifs of the next chorus. 


The verse creeps in with some rapid-fire lyricism. Sammi serves us some sultry, rhythmic words drenched in layers of reverb, octaves, and echo. Each verse mimics the same melody, but the beat behind it changes. The first one is simplistic, with longer pauses between snares and kicks. The second one, however, speeds up, employs different textures, and emphasizes different divisions of the beat. 


To put it shortly, this is a fantastic pop song. It hits every mark. From the lyrics to the music to the undeniably meticulous production, there’s little room to go wrong here. If you’re a lover of this most recent era of female pop stars (i.e. Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, etc..), you’ll certainly enjoy Sammi Constantine.  

Written by Alyce lindberg

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