“You Are Loved” – Dyson

“You Are Loved” by Dyson is breathtakingly touching. Songwriters frequently process pain and loss through their music, and not only does Dyson showcase this lyrically, but she delivers a raw, harrowing vocal performance. From the simplistic acoustic guitar to the vibrant background vocals, each aspect of this song serves to uphold the emotional value. It doesn’t take complicated production or academic musicality for a song to be brilliant. It just takes a genuine message and a good ear. 

The song begins with a straightforward, ornamental electric guitar riff. Dyson croons, “You were my first best friend, / Someone that I looked up to,” with this warm, deep tone. She has the kind of voice that you can tell, even when she’s using a softer register, has immense power. As the verse carries on, the melody remains low but momentarily scratches the surface of her upper range. She uses more and more of it, teasing the impending chorus. 


The moment the chorus arrives, her voice rockets into this clear, forceful belt. Her control and timbre are reminiscent of Demi Lovato’s. She cries, “Was your time here on earth just too much to handle?” The use of a question here is an incredibly effective choice. The verse and pre-chorus are filled with memories and statements, but at this moment she directly addresses the subject of her words. The listener gets the opportunity to witness the sentimentality and brokenness of this connection through a rhetorical question. It’s beautifully designed. 


Be sure to listen to “You Are Loved,” not only for the sake of it but to raise awareness for mental health. Something we can all do to help is to actively prop up artists who convey these essential messages. 


Written by Alyce lindberg

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