“Speedlimit” – EMMO

Have you ever been hanging out with someone for a period of time and it’s fine, you have fun, but it’s sort of a waste of time because as far as a future with them goes – it does not? EMMO tackles the idea of a situationship going nowhere with her first single of 2021, “Speedlimit.” 

She does not do this with an emotive ballad, but rather a pop track that lends itself to the dancefloor. Upbeat every step of the way, “Speedlimit” races towards the finish line with picture-perfect musical aspects that will make listeners want to shake everything they have got until the very end. Even if it is about a more serious subject, EMMO relays the message in a way that presents it in a way that does not feel dreary but instead, just makes you think as you move about underneath the club lights. 

While relationships that legit have nowhere to go can be a pain, “Speedlimit” by EMMO is anything but that. This tale of love, or rather a love that is a bit lost, is her first single since 2020’s “I Wonder.” Both came after her debut EP, 2019’s ‘You’re not in love/He’s just French.” That EP kickstarted things for EMMO and she has not shown any sign of slowing down since. Those who want to check out “Speedlimit” as well as the rest of her music can do so now by heading to any music or streaming site where it’s all available and ready for consumption. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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