“come over” – clide

It was only last year that clide let the world inside his mind with his debut album, and now this singer-songwriter is back with a new EP that has us all up in his ‘feelings.’  It’s not hard to know where he’s coming from with this or what it’s all about thanks to his addictingly honest single, “come over.” 

Most of the time when things end and a relationship is no more, at least one of the people involved will sit around and wonder, “What if?” It’s a natural response that we can’t help but let cross our mind, oftentimes in the middle of the night when the melatonin pills have yet to kick in and the ceiling is the only thing in view. 

What I like about the way clide spins this common narrative is that he presents it in a way that reminds me of a particular age. That age where you’re perhaps in a dorm or right after graduation – the purgatory of adulthood when every big moment is placed under a magnifying glass and feels that much more intense. Perhaps that is just who I imagine listening to this song at 3am and connecting with it most? Either way, clide brings it enough to allow listeners to put themselves in the shoes of the person behind these straightforward lyrics strewn together with honesty. 

“come over” can be found on clide’s 2021 EP, ‘feelings.’ Both are available now for any and everyone to take in and enjoy. So to do just that, check out clide and his music on any and all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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