“sorry isn’t good enough” – Joy Oladokun

Singer and songwriter Joy Oladokun has just released her latest single “sorry isn’t good enough”, a straight-forward, confident song with an understated intensity. Showcasing the artist’s emotive voice, “sorry isn’t good enough” is a song that tells a story of standing your ground against fake apologies.
Beginning with muted acoustic guitar notes and spacious echoing harmonies, “sorry isn’t good enough” immediately sets the emotionally distant scene of a relationship gone wrong. Oladokun’s voice is relaxed and emotive as she delivers the honest lyrics from the perspective of a lover scorned. The accompaniment slightly picks up at the chorus creating a pulse of emotion but leaving plenty of space for Oladokun’s textured, emotive vocals as she sings “now you’ve broken everything, say this time you’ve changed but sorry isn’t good enough” in a slow, syncopated fashion.
Currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, Joy Oladokun is a versatile artist who is unafraid to write music that speaks to race, religion, and her queer identity. “sorry isn’t good enough” highlights the artist’s strong and personal lyrics, captivatingly versatile voice, and incredible ability to write an infectious and relatable song. A true tune for the wronged, “sorry isn’t good enough” will make sure you always have the right thing to say when someone is playing games.

Written by Katrina Charles






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