“History Will Not Repeat” – Jessie Paege

Jessie Paege has just released her latest single “History Will Not Repeat”, a jarring, dynamic pop song that tackles the heavy subject of healing from trauma and ending the cycle of abuse. With high energy and intricate production, the song creatively captures the confusing and chaotic feelings that surround growing and separating yourself from a troubled past.
“History Will Not Repeat” begins with a lightly frantic electric guitar intro that seems to mimic the racing thoughts and anxieties pertaining to trauma recovery. The haunting instrumentation and supportive production highlights Paege’s versatile voice as she effortlessly jumps between octaves in a rhythmic, syncopated fashion. The narrative is a striking and heartbreakingly honest depiction of life after abuse and realizing what you have to relearn to ensure you don’t repeat what you have experienced lest it “slip through the cracks into intimacy and identity”.
With this release, Jessie Paege makes a strong statement as a survivor and mental health advocate. A member of the LGBTQIA+ community who prefers the pronouns She/They, the artist blends her incredibly driven musical style with an honest, powerful message of bravely fighting to end the line of abuse. A song that will resonate with anyone who has feared repeating the behaviors they have experienced, “History Will Not Repeat” provides an anthem and reassurance that you are not fighting alone.

Written by Katrina Charles

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