“Sober” – Josh A feat. Neffex

Writing from a personal perspective about the pain and strain that comes with addiction, Josh A hasn’t been shy about his own experiences. However, noticing how this hasn’t just plagued his life, but how it’s become an overly ignored issue in America, he’s venting his frustrations with his latest single, “Sober” featuring Neffex. 

It’s safe to say that America has a lot, and we mean a lot, on its plate right now. Alas, the problem Josh A has poured his heart into with “Sober” has been on the plate longer than most. With drug overdose cases rising daily, the Florida-based rapper couldn’t hold back anymore. Knowing firsthand what people are dealing with, you can hear that he’s not just a concerned spectator. “Sober” is a heartfelt reaction to the reality we’re living in with impactful, straightforward yet poetic lyricism executed with passion and persistence with a wonderful chorus from Neffex in the mix. 

Josh A is just one of many in this country, in this world, that has dealt with addiction. For him, “Sober” isn’t just a song highlighting the problem, but one that showcases what goes on inside the mind of someone with an addiction because it runs deeper than the surface. It’s about pain, mental illness, masking it all with things that just drag people down more and more with each use. “Sober” featuring Neffex is the latest from Josh A, and his fourth single of 2022 following the likes of “All Time Low” and “Cold Heart.” To hear all of the above and more, make sure to check out Josh A on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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