“she’s all i wanna be (Live Performance) | Vevo” – Tate McRae

One of the most compelling things about the online generation of performers is that, unlike the artists that came before them, fans have gotten to discover them in their purest form; performing. Not on the radio or in a heavily marketed campaign. That’s always the beauty of live performances, whether they’re in person or via the internet – it’s a chance to hear just how good a singer is from the start. This is why it was refreshing to hear “she’s all i wanna be” from Tate McRae via her live Vevo performance. You could hear all she has to offer and then some in this song that is one of the most universal out there right now. 

While the internet has given us the chance to hear artists like Tate McRae belt it out live, it’s also given us a major complex in regards to drawing comparisons with others due to constant scrolling on social media. It can get in your head that you’re not this or that enough, and “she’s all i wanna be” explores an aspect of that in regards to what it makes one think when in a relationship or wanting to be with someone. It’s not the greatest, but many of us fail to see how great we are because we’re in this constant, unnecessary battle to be as “perfect” as someone else. In the case of “she’s all i wanna be,” it’s a girl that the narrator of this song thinks the person she’s with/likes would rather be with. 

It’s a song that holds a lot of truth and weight, but a necessary one to highlight that this is a commonality. It’s also a song that is wonderfully delivered. You know walking away from this video that Tate McRae can sing. That not only made me appreciate this singer-songwriter but also assured me that if I bought a ticket to a show, I would leave sonically satisfied. 

To hear Tate McRae’s latest single, “she’s all i ever wanna be” and more, you can check her out on all major music and streaming sites today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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