“Love You Back” – Alexander Popov x Paul Oakenfold

It’s hard to shake one’s preconceived notions about things. It’s just human nature, but when one does take the time to give things a chance, they can and will often be surprised to learn that they jumped to conclusions too soon. That’s 100% me and music that falls under the EDM umbrella. I thought, could it ever be more than mere sound? Yes, yes it can because “Love You Back” from Alexander Popov and Paul Oakenfold doesn’t just give a masterclass in House music but also displays a song with real depth to it. 

“Love You Back” captures that instance in life when one has just reached an end and there’s no return in a relationship. That moment when even all that they’ve been through, the history, it’s just not enough to keep things going. The song says as much in the simple yet straightforward, “I just can’t love you back” but continues to build on this narrative as it’s displayed over music that will leave fans engulfed in a stunning soundscape destined to move those on dancefloors, in clubs, and of course at music festivals around the world. 

Alexander Popov and Paul Oakenfold impressed so much with “Angel,” they decided to join forces once more for “Love You Back,” and they’ve done it again. It’s a match made, and just another reason Popov continues to be a celebrated name in the DJ realm. “Love You Back” is Popov’s third single of the year, following the release of “Ready” and “Dreamtime (D72 Remix).” 

To hear all of those and more, make sure to check out Alexander Popov on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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