“Say Enough” by Cris Cole (feat. KORA)

Swiss DJ/Producer Cris Cole partnered with KORA to create this delightful electro-pop single, “Say Enough,” which was released on March 2nd. We had the pleasure of interviewing Cris Cole, and here’s what he had to say:

Q: Can you walk me through the production process of “Say Enough”!

COLE: The song Say Enough originated in a period of time when a lot of changes were taking place on a personal level. I was able to cope with all these changes with the help of this song. When the finished demo of the song was produced, KORA already came into play, she gave the (somewhat sad) song a certain touch and also importantly a boost. The completion of the song took about a year.

Q: Did you have a clear idea of how you wanted this song to sound before you started creating it or did it come to you in bits and pieces?

COLE: At the beginning of the song, I had a clear idea of the direction the song should take. However, external influences (changes in life) influenced the song. So the song was rather deep and a bit sad in the beginning. But by the time the song was finished, there was an upswing in the direction of happiness.

Q: How did you get into djing and producing music?

COLE: Music has been with me all my life, even as a small child I couldn’t live without music. When I turned 10, my father gave me my first small DJ booth. That’s how I got more and more involved in music. When I reached the age of 15, I made it my mission to develop myself further. So I very quickly took a liking to producing. Besides, I always wanted to know how to produce music.

Q: Outside of producing music, what do you enjoy doing?

COLE: When I’m not pursuing music, I like to do things with my closest friends. I am also very interested in culture and traveling. I always try to experience new things to find new ideas for my music.

Q: In your own words, how would you describe the music you typically create?

COLE: I would describe my music as passionate, rhythmic, and energetic. In addition, high quality is enormously important to me personally.

Q: What projects are you currently working on?

COLE: Currently, I am working on several different projects. Most of them are in the same genre (Dance-Pop), but I also have a few tech house edits in work to be played at my gigs. The next planned single will be a bit more percussive and summery.

Interviewed by Zoey King






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