“Can’t Explain” – Houis Ft. Ushuaia & Foreignlocal

“Can’t Explain” by Houis Ft. Ushuaia & Foreignlocal is the most mellow, beautiful groove you’ll ever experience. With its jazzy chord structure, subtle harmonies, and steady, in-the-pocket beat, it rivals the smoothest R&B tracks out there. If you’re looking to relax or daydream a teeny bit, you couldn’t do better.

It begins with a splash of white noise and a few warm keyboard swells. The chords themselves encompass all the most sentimental, moody extensions. “Pretty nice for a midwinter day / California’s kinda special that way,” the singer comes in with a sweet, conversational tone. A simple drum groove carries the rhythmic integrity forward. The melody itself has a wonderful rhythm to it as well, emphasized by the singer’s natural, organic delivery. Harmonies soon pour in, really seeping into the cracks of the mix with their fullness.

One of the best things about this track is the recurrence of certain motifs and the perceived randomness of their placement. You’ll find the chorus melody engulfed in a guitar line from earlier, then hear that guitar line again in a new section. Background vocals perform the same tricks, peeking through when you least expect them. It’s honestly hypnotizing. These artists have deduced the perfect balance of repetition and newness.

Be sure to give these three artists some love! Houis is a producer, Ushuaia is a singer/songwriter, and Foreignlocal is a guitarist. It’s always a joy to hear three separate, unique artists come together to create something beautiful. “Can’t Explain” is a prime example of that phenomenon.


Written by Alyce Lindberg

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