“Replace Me” – June

“Replace Me” by June is a beautiful patchwork of classic chord progressions, melodies, and cadences. This acoustic-pop track carries with it a simple, easy pleasure. As we digest the words that suggest a bittersweet, nostalgic parting, the music envelops us with a sweet familiarity. 

The track starts with a distant, reverb-doused acoustic guitar lick paired with some vocal runs. The rhythm sets in along with the lyrics–a diverse, quickfire series of claps carries the beat. June whispers, “How’d I not notice / We were crumbling like bridges,” with a soft, feminine timbre. The production throughout the verse remains interesting, with flourishes of effects sprinkled in here and there. 


The chorus kicks in and suddenly this achingly divine melody drapes itself over the mix. Every phrase takes on a new arc, but they complement each other effortlessly. Halfway through, the warm wash of instruments that accompanied the first few lines drops away, leaving that acoustic line from the intro. Strings pile in until she utters the long-awaited hook: “Please don’t ever replace me.” We crash into a little interlude, awash in claps, vocal samples, and other textural elements. 


The second verse is much like the first, but this time with strings. There’s something about strings that just infuses the sound with emotion. We’re blessed with another chorus and then, a bridge. Here, we get layers upon layers of background vocals and countermelodies. All of this compounds into one final, wonderfully moving chorus. 


If you love a crisp, well-performed pop tune, be sure to check out June! Not only is this song incredible, but her other music follows suit!


Written by Alyce lindberg

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