“15 Minutes” – Damon Sharpe & Disco Fries

There is nothing quite as freeing as a night out underneath the lights of a dancefloor. Those moments allow for such a natural feeling of ecstasy as the music enters your body and what exits is a feeling of freedom from the weight of the world because when the song is right, those few minutes feel nothing but monumental. Of course, not every song has that power, but songs like “15 Minutes” Damon Sharpe did with some help from Disco Fries is one of those songs. 

Damon Sharpe knows to make songs that do more than pop, they move and Disco Fries knows to take songs like that and push them even further. This is something Sharpe learned working alongside the duo in early 2021 on “Lost Years.” So it was an easy decision to make when it came time for “15 Minutes.” It’s destined to be a club favorite, requested more than once every hour. So much so, DJs better get it on their playlists now because if they don’t, they’ll look a fool.


Of course, Damon Sharpe knows his way around making a hit as he has worked himself as a producer for some of the biggest names in music. He has worked alongside the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Pitbull, and more but there comes a day when some want to step into their own as an artist. With that, Sharpe is focusing on himself and his music – and in no time will be a household name like those he’s helped on their journeys. 


Those interested in moving all they’ve got to a great track should check out Damon Sharpe and Disco Fries’ “15 Minutes,” on all major streaming and music sites now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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