“Players” – Coi Leray

“Players” by Coi Leray breathes new life into a classic Grandmaster Flash sample, incorporating elements of several eras of Hip-Hop with a delectably modern twist. Her flow, lyricism, and infectious melodic choices make for the perfect viral hit. It falls under that age-old phenomenon: once you give this song a listen, you’ll hear it everywhere. With each clever quip and rhythmically gratifying phrase, Coi Leray captures the heart of what makes Hip-Hop inventive, authentic, and deeply satisfying.

This track consists of two main vocal deliveries. In some moments, Coi Leray paints a vivid image with an effortless, quickfire rap. These sections contain the meat of the detail, casually depicting the many effects of a “player.” Her pithy, self-assured lyricism imbues this track with just the right amount of empowerment and fun.

At other points, the vocals are sung. She sprinkles a little melody over the hook of the song, giving it this inherent memorability (mostly for emphasis). The real brilliance in melody writing, however, appears when she chimes, “Bouta catch another flight / The apple bottom make him wanna bite / I just wanna have a good night.” The way this line drapes itself over the track feels indulgent. It follows the rhythm of the synths so tightly, it almost feels meant to be.

If you’re in the mood for something mouth-wateringly catchy and lyrically bright, give “Players” a listen. Coi Leray is a budding superstar–or maybe even a fully-fleshed-out one. Either way, she’s on a continuously upward trajectory. Don’t miss out on the rise of this veritably talented artist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg

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