“P.O.S.” – Sky Katz

“P.O.S.” by Sky Katz is a song brimming with cathartic irreverence. Delivered with this conversational, flippant tone, the message is summed up with a glib, “It’s my youth / I’m gonna waste it.” The crisp pop-rock production paired with Sky’s clear-cut style makes for an incredibly effective song. If you don’t feel like quitting your job or shirking your responsibilities after listening to it, there’s something wrong with you.

It begins with a few distorted power chords and a bit-crushed drum groove. Sky casually ad-libs as the track hurtles into the verse: “Woke up in a destructive state of mind.” She rattles off more rebellious phrases in this half-sung, half-spoken manner. For the pre-chorus, a flood of vocal doubles emphasizes certain phrases. The drums build steadily until they suddenly stop, creating a moment of anticipatory silence before the chorus comes crashing in.

The guitars wash over the mix with a melodious chord progression. Sky’s practically yelling now, belaboring the idea that, while she might be a piece of work, that’s just who she is. It’s rather refreshing to hear this devil-may-care attitude from a female perspective. It’s easy to get burned out on the masculine version of it. Sky Katz serves us the female rage we all want to hear.

Give “P.O.S.” a listen! While we could sit here and over-analyze it, it makes a bit more sense to just enjoy it at face value. Simply put, it’s a fun song. You’ll doubtlessly enjoy the way it makes you feel.

Written by Alyce lindberg

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