There is nothing but naughty things circling my mind as the tail-end of “PILLOW TALK” by Jenny plays because this song is sensual with a capital S. Songs like this help keep that bedroom fantasy alive and well in music, and perhaps that is just what the world needs because honey, it is tense out there. 

“PILLOW TALK” beautifully highlights the control Jenny has over her vocals every step of the way. She commands attention in a way that plays it cool much like Ariana or even dare I say, Janet. That cool, calm, collected attitude pushes this single through to the end and in the end, you are left feeling a certain type of way – in the best way possible. Especially when she busts out the line about the religious experience. You have got to love when artists deliver a line you really haven’t heard used time and time again. Respect to something unique that helps this single stand out. 

Jenny has been busy in 2021. She dropped her first single earlier this year. “Too Much” was followed by “GET IT,” and now she is on her third release with “PILLOW TALK.” Looking to make her mark in the R&B realm, Jenny is on her way to achieving grand things if she keeps doing what she is doing because she is not missing a beat. For those who want to be part of her journey from the start, check out “PILLOW TALK,” out now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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