“I Wish” – Joel Corry x Mabel

If there is one place that is not my natural habitat it’s in any sort of club. I’m not a social creature, but man oh man – “I Wish” from Joel Corry featuring the insanely talented vocal skills of Mabel made me want to live underneath the pulsating lights of the nearest establishment. If you are a fan of music that evokes the body, genuinely great pop music, this is it. 

Sometimes it’ll take me a few listens to get a song, but this one was instantaneous. Lyrically, the message is as clear as a summer day in Los Angeles, and while this song stands strong on a foundation of relatable lyrics – I would be a fool not to celebrate every aspect of this track through and through. The music Joel Corry laid out, stunning and only made better by Mabel’s bombastic vocal performance. The way she delivered in this song, it reminded me of those huge club hits from the mid-90s. The ones that gave spin classes a reason to exist back then. I loved the way it took me back, but also the way it made me feel right here in the present. 

This all isn’t surprising as Joel Corry has been a mainstay in the dance music scene for the past few years. With multiple BRIT Award nominations to his name, teaming up with the Best Female Solo Artist of the Year from those same awards,Mabel, was a no-brainer. Together, these two talented artists have gone above and beyond anyone’s expectations. A stellar performance from both and one can only hope they unite again and again down the line. 

“I Wish” from Joel Corry featuring Mabel is available now on all major music and streaming platforms. So if you want a major dose of dance, get on it. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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