“pathetic” – Ariane Gabriel

When it comes to holding onto an ex, we have all pretty much wound up in the same, sad scenarios presented throughout “pathetic” from Ariane Gabriel. The wishful thinking, late-night dialing, photo gazing. For many of us, that’s just the process we have to go through to get over someone, and sometimes we have to go one step further and create a whole wonderful song about it. 

Not too long ago I heard “Sober” from BELARO and it presented a similar narrative to Ariane Gabriel’s “pathetic.” Only musically, BELARO was giving more pop star realness, while this one has a bit of an edgy bite to it. There are little hints of darkness strewn throughout that lean “pathetic” towards the rock side of pop, and make you want to put it on a playlist next to Billie Eilish and Lorde more so than Ariana and Olivia. Although, they are all welcomed to my cornucopia of songs you want to sing loudly after a bottle of wine until your neighbor bangs on the wall to quiet down. 

Why? Because you cannot deny the greatness that comes from the line, “Bet she’s sleeping in your underwear, it’s not fair, I’m not there.” That’s to Gen Z listeners what many lines from Alanis’ ‘Jagged Little Pill’ are to Gen X. 

Ariane Gabriel dropped her debut single, “Trust Fund Kids,” back in 2019 and since then has been steadily adding to her discography with several more dynamic tracks including four throughout 2020. Now she’s ready to add more for all to enjoy with her first of 2021, “pathetic,” which is out now and available on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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