“Party In My Mind” – Dolores Forever

A rooftop in London and conversations that landed on Stevie Nicks eventually led to Hannah Wilson and Julia Fabrin joining forced to become Delores Forever. A match made in well, London, these two are undeniable, especially for only having a pair of singles out so far. If songs like “Party In My Mind” are just the beginning – we cannot wait to see how the rest of their musical journey unfolds, but first…

“Party In My Mind” reminds me of the indie-pop of the 2010s. Where electro was starting to make its way into every facet of our lives, in the best way possible. With that in mind, this party comes through with sexual prowess. Perhaps that’s because this song was built around the idea of the pure joy that comes along with a new relationship. However, with the good, comes the what-ifs and that’s why this song also delivers with balance. It’s not always a great party, right? 

Delores Forever’s debut single, “Kilimanjaro,” had this breathless Roxette feel, and gave us a more subdued performance. With “Party In My Mind,” they pumped up the volume to bring a new layer of what they can and will continue to do. Again, just two songs in and they’ve already surpassed what a lot fail to do. While we wait anxiously for more new music from Delores Forever, we can get through the day with what we have on repeat. To join our listening party, check them out on all music and streaming platforms now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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