“Bedroom” – HAYL

HAYL wonders if anyone else has imaginary back and forths with their exes when they’re all alone. Um, I think it’s safe to say that 99.9% have and will continue to do that so long as there are exes to be had. This is why it’s going to be hard to find someone, anyone, who doesn’t attach themselves to “Bedroom.” 

Our bedroom is often where we feel the most sanctuary. It’s our personal domain, even when we have a whole rest of a home. There’s something special about the room where we lay our heads. So it’s fitting that HAYL set this intimate chat between her and an ex who clearly left her peeved in such a place. “Bedroom” captures not only the personal anguish HAYL is sorting through as she scrolls through an ex’s online presence and is upset by their smile, but also how it feels on a universal level too. We’ve all been in that same bedroom situation, saying things to someone who’s not there, wishing with everything we had they were. Well, when they cannot be there to hear how they’ve made you feel – you can just send them this song and let HAYL say it all for you. 

It has only been a couple of years since HAYL made her debut with “Wire.” Since then she’s traveled the single route dropping one great one after another. That includes three this year alone. “Bedroom” is the last of that stunning trio, and can be found on her new record, ‘Out Of Love.’ The record as well as the single are both out now and available on all major music and streaming sites.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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