“Bloodline” – Emeryld

“Bloodline” by Emeryld puts a classic chord progression to work. Every time someone reworks this iconic sound, it’s a benefaction to popular music as a whole. Emeryld’s soulful, intimate vocals work alongside a smooth, diverse, and textural production to create something timeless. Don’t miss out on this indulgent piece of music. You’ll be glad you gave it a listen.

A spirited drum groove sets the song off. Piano chords soon follow, topped by the vocals: “Goddamn, another one on a hill that needs so much attention / He really thinks I care what he says and I’m dying to listen.” Emeryld’s warm tone brings this song to life. Even a perfect song needs the right singer to make it stand out–and she’s just that. Bass acrobatically buzzes beneath the verse, setting the foundation for the coming chorus. Harmonies suddenly burst forth from the mix, gliding seamlessly alongside the infectious pre-chorus and chorus melodies. A certain amount of repetition solidifies the memorability of the phrases. Everything about the production makes the writing pop–like shimmery synths and emphatic drum fills. It’s an effective chorus within a gloriously effective song.

Honestly, it’s difficult to analyze a song this good. It doesn’t need flowery language to describe its many assets. Just listen to it. You’ll find yourself entranced with it in no time. Emeryld is one of the most promising artists in Alternative pop right now, so be sure to get in on the early side of her rise to fame. Follow her on your choice of social media, and stream “Bloodline” on your choice of streaming service!

Written by Alyce lindberg

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