“Let the Phone Ring” – Sophie Louise

One day Sophie Louise packed her bags and to Nashville, she went, and like a line from a country song, she fell for someone she’d worked with early on. Just as her feelings were not being reciprocated, an ex was on the other end of a call. Instead of falling back into old habits, she pushed forward and penned “Let the Phone Ring.” 

In many instances, most of us have done quite the opposite. Me included. I’ve known in the depths of my soul that a guy only wanted one thing from me – even after months of toxic behavior – but the idea of being wanted took over. Had I been as of sound and mind as Sophie Louise at that moment, I too would’ve let the phone just ring. Because so many of us have acted in a way unlike Sophie Louise, we can listen to this and find the inner strength she showcased, all while enjoying this very earnest and heartfelt audible moment. She comes through with a lot of elegant simplicity as well. There aren’t a lot of additional, nonsensical things added to this song. This allows for her voice and story to come through with a burst of honesty. 

Sophie Louise dropped her debut single, “Have You Ever Been Alone?” earlier this year and followed that indie pop-up with “Stray Thread,” a song that shined a light on her airy vocals. Now she’s back with her third single of the year, “Let the Phone Ring.” To hear all of the above, make sure to check Sophie Louise out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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