Empara Mi – “Saving All My Love”

Empara Mi’s latest single “Saving All My Love” is a catchy, engaging pop song that showcases the artist’s captivating vocals and driving dance beats. The production of the song creates a dreamy soundscape of reverberating tones and rhythms that will get you moving. The artist has also released a gorgeous music video that perfectly supplements the song through stunning imagery, interpretive choreography, and artistic editing.

“Saving All My Love” begins with an orchestra of tones and vocals that set the scene for the dreamlike song, represented in the video by the artist floating ethereally in pool of blue water. Suddenly, you’re hit with a bass beat as the lyrics tell the tale of a love affair with no future. Empara Mi’s voice is unique and captivating as she rhythmically delivers the low notes in a relaxed way, only to let loose at the high notes in a release of flawless, sweet tones. The verse flows into the chorus as she sings “Please forgive me, I’ve been saving all my love”, hinting that she has been saving her love for someone else.

Directed by Ash and co-directed and edited by Empara Mi, the music video for “Saving All My Love” reflects the introspective elements and restrained undertones of the narrative. Featuring beautiful and sensual choreography between Empara Mi and London-based dancer Belen Mar Leroux, the video adds a layer of intrigue and desire to the song. The UK-based singer and songwriter is debuting a new sound with this track that was developed during this year’s quarantine, further solidifying her status as a multi-talented artist with unlimited power and potential.

Written by Katrina Charles

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