“Lonely Girl” – Mia Vaile

Alone in a bedroom with nothing more than a dream and a wildfire of talent raging inside of her, Mia Vaile set her sights on making a reality out of music a handful of years ago. Millions upon millions of streams later and a massive following later, and she has done just that. It has been a couple of years since she’s dropped a new single, so the anticipation for “Lonely Girl” has been high, but the wait is now over as the first single from her upcoming EP, ‘Loner,’ is finally here. 

These grandiose pop-inspired beats that only help to lay the foundation for the striking lyricism and stand-out vocals from Mia Vaile are all ever-present on her new single, “Lonely Girl.” Inspired by the lies those closest to us can allow to leave their lips towards us, “Lonely Girl” will leave many feeling a certain type of way as it’s a relatable track that will lead audiences to simply say, “Same girl, same.” They’ll of course be saying that as they’re simultaneously rocking out as this song takes this pop feel and gives it these alternative bursts. 

“Lonely Girl” will be available on Mia Vaile’s upcoming EP, ‘Loner.’ This is her third EP since her 2018 debut, ‘Wallflower.’ Again, fans have been waiting for new music since 2020. She released a handful of singles that year but has since been hard at work on the follow-up. To hear “Lonely Girl,” as well as all of her other releases to date, make sure to check Mia Vaile out on all major music and streaming sites today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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