“My Time” – Maijah

While the ‘90s were a little more downtrodden with the grunge movement, and the ‘00s celebrated lavish lifestyles with the rise of reality TV, today’s musical landscape represents this grand movement in self-love. Maijah has been on that roll lately with previous singles like “Sparkly” and “Know My Name,” and now she’s back with more with her latest. “My Time” is more about delivering an internal hype; something we all need – especially today when the world can be a bit grim. 

“My Time” comes packed with more variety than ‘The Carol Burnett Show.’ Every other moment of the song takes you to a new level of what Maijah can do. Overall, she presents this soulful performance. Her vocals come through as smooth as butter on fresh toast, but the way she layers her natural abilities on top of a more electro-pop beat that also tosses in a bit of hip-hop-inspired verses made this quite the listening experience. It’s very much a song that fits into today’s climate as artists today are not only loving themselves more lyrically but also doing away with strict genre lines that those that came before them were sort of constrained to do.

Maijah has been a constant in the music industry for a year now having released her debut single, “Higher Self,” in 2021. Since then several more singles have followed including her most recent, “Butterfly (222)” and “Know My Name.” With a steady flow of streams coming her way, there’s no doubt she’ll stun again with “My Time.” To hear that and more, make sure to check out Maijah on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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