“Kissing In The Rain” – Conan Mac

As someone with boy band music flowing through their veins, I live for an uptempo love song moment. Sadly, there aren’t many of those ensembles roaming around today but the good news is that many solo artists are keeping the romance alive and well all on their own in the here and now. Artists like Conan Mac. This singer-songwriter from the UK has proven more than once that he’s one to watch, and we’ve got both eyes on his latest, “Kissing In The Rain.” 

“Kissing In The Rain” is a long time coming. Conan Mac originally wrote this song four years ago alongside Chloe Francesca and Patch Boshell. Now it’s finally ready for the world to hear. Much like Ed Sheeran has done in recent years, Conan Mac gives you all the love you need in a song but does so in a way that’s also current, and fun. “Kissing In The Rain” is rooted in romance, but the walls surrounding its heartfelt foundation are constructed for movement. This song pops in all the right places and makes you want to hit the dance floor much like Shawn Mendes’ “Treat You Better.” This is the reason that Conan Mac has been on an upward climb towards becoming a household name. 

Before live music was cut in 2020, Conan Mac was on a US college tour. Since then he has released almost a dozen singles. Yes, almost a dozen singles in 2021 alone. All those and then some have led to this rising star garnering over 30 million streams from around the world and then some. To add to that amazing total, check out “Kissing In The Rain,” available now on all music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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