Kate Vogel – “The Truth”

“The Truth” by Kate Vogel gives us an important and meaningful message woven into a beautiful folk singer/songwriter track. Immediately Kate Vogel’s vocals stand out, as they are compelling, emotional, and gorgeous.  The song starts of simply with rhythmic acoustic guitar and Kate’s soulful voice, and moves quickly into the higher pitched and well-written chorus with intriguing chord changes and an addicting melodic hook: “that’s why it’s so damn hard- to tell the truth”. The whole track is well-produced and is enhanced with tasteful lap steel sounds and moments of mighty Americana-type drums while still maintaining a very organic and raw feel.  Kate Vogel is a storyteller through her lyrics and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She moved there where she was only 16. Vogel had unfortunately then fell victim to a predator in the industry and ended up stopping singing for nine years. However, she found her voice almost a decade later with the MeToo movement, and released “Reasons To Stay” as her debut single to return into the music world. She came back with the strength to tell of her experience, which has been continually winning the hearts of loyal and adoring fans.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Kate Vogel, and here is what she had to say:

Q&A with Kate Vogel

Your voice is absolutely beautiful. I’m so glad you are using your gift to tell stories. That being said, I am wondering if you might be comfortable sharing what real-life events inspired “The Truth”?

Thank you so much! You are so kind.  The Truth is about my personal experience with sexual assault, and why the aftermath is so difficult to process. Many people don’t believe you, or don’t want to believe you, and sexual assault can cause you serious long-lasting effects, which can last for many many years afterwards. This song was inspired by my own friends not believing me over the years and why it’s easier to just keep it to yourself and not be re-traumatized by hearing people you love and trust invalidate you and try to discredit you. For anyone struggling with sexual assault, there are ways to heal and get better, for example trauma therapy and hotlines. You are not alone, and I believe you!

Your melodies and production are mesmerizing. What was your creative and recording process in making “The Truth”?

Thank you so much, I appreciate that. It just poured out of me at my piano in my room. I tried a few production arrangements for the song actually, but eventually decided that a stripped down acoustic production was what I wanted so the listener could hear every word and feel the raw emotion. It is a very vulnerable and painful song for me. Sexual assault has caused me great lasting pain and problems. It has been healing to connect with other survivors and know we’re not alone and we are working to make a better future for the next generation.

You are the epitome of a singer/songwriter, and it is so refreshing to hear your beautiful songs. What musical influences did you grow up listening to?

Thank you, that is so kind. I would love to see my little iPod and who I had on there. If you pressed shuffle I think it would be Flo Rida, Ciara, Secondhand Serenade, FTSK haha. Rihanna was and still is my everything, even though we sound very different, I taught myself how to sing from listening to her. I loved Colbie Caillat, John Mayer, the Beach Boys and Elvis. I grew up in California listening to The Beach Boys and Elvis, but became obsessed with country music after moving to Kentucky when I was 10. In my early teens, my best friend’s parents owned a record store in Ohio so I bought every country CD and know every word to Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert. 

How has your music life been since you moved to Nashville?

I’ve been in Nashville for 10 years so almost all of my friends here are in the music industry, whether on the artist side or on the management side, and it is amazing to see them succeed in their own way and in their own time. I truly believe if you keep going long enough in this town, something will work out for you in the music industry.

Are there any new projects in the works for you?

Yes! I am so excited! I will be releasing my full length album next year and am working on some music videos right now. My next single will be released in October, which I am very excited about because it is my first breakup song and glimpse into my love life, which I haven’t had the chance yet to sing about because I wanted to sing about other things that were important to me first (such as suicide, sexual assault, abuse, tragedy, etc). Now I feel this pressure lifted off me that I can start letting people into my heart and relationships. Maybe even some love songs on the way

What would you like to say to all your fans out there?

I would like to say – Thank you so much. For every stream, every share, every message that connects us and for the support. I am blown away by how fast my music has traveled in less than a year, I could not be more grateful. I love to message people who listen to my songs because often they have very personal stories with the difficult topics I’ve sang about and it makes me feel less alone to know we are in this together, making the world a better place together. 

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