Jason Mraz – “Christmas In Quarantine”

Just in time for quarantine Christmas, Jason Mraz has released a fun, humorous new song that fully encapsulates the 2020 holiday experience. “Christmas In Quarantine” is a light-hearted, honest tune that pokes fun at the ways our celebrations will look different this year. Co-written with Abby Dorsey and featuring Billy Galewood and Chaska Potter, this song is paired with a perfect, homemade music video that adds to the holiday cheer and tongue-in-cheek jeer.

Starting with a simple piano accompaniment and some jingle bells for good measure, “Christmas In Quarantine” begins sounding just like any other cheerful yuletide tune. However, from the first line, you know this isn’t your typical Christmas classic. Mraz’s well-known mastery of wordplay thrives in this song with such clever lines as “Rudolph’s red nose looks redder this year, I hope just to super-spread holiday cheer”. In the video, this line is depicted with a helpful dry-erase board visual where Rudolph’s red nose is drawn to look like the coronavirus. The witty visuals continue throughout the song, turning even the most stubborn of your 2020 “bah humbugs” into a chuckle. Galewood and Potter support the song with lovely melodies, optimistic attitudes, and holiday apparel that will undoubtedly end up on everyone’s Christmas wish list.

Jason Mraz, a two-time Grammy award winner, has had great success throughout his career with hits such as “The Remedy (I Won’t Worry)” and “I’m Yours”. His unique and clever perspective is always present in his songs, and “Christmas In Quarantine” proves no different. It’s the perfect music and video combo to add to your holiday festivities. After all, they know that “all you want for Christmas is 2021”.

Written by Katrina Charles

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