“Stay The Night” Hunter Falls

Spending part of his life in the UK, Hunter Falls learned two things very early on. That is the beauty that comes from cultural combinations, and that singing was not only something he enjoyed but was something he was rather good at. As the years passed by, he took those lessons and put them towards a career blending the smooth vibes of R&B with the charm of pop. Today, he’s rolling in a cascade of music including his latest, “Stay The Night.” 

Hunter Falls started releasing music back in 2016 when he dropped “On The Move.” Since then he’s gained more and more footing in the industry with each new year. In 2021 he released half a dozen new songs, and is already following those up with his first release of the new year, “Stay The Night.” It’s a song that would pair well with the likes of Coldplay’s latest releases as it has this wonderful, grand pop song with a heavy dose of heart. It’s one of those songs that feels both universal and personal all at once, making it a great radio-ready track. 

“Stay The Night” is just the latest release from the always evolving and experimenting Hunter Falls. With no restrictions on his inspirations, there is no telling where this rising star will be in a year’s time but something tells us it’s on many playlists and in many hearts around the world. To check out “Stay The Night” and all the rest of Hunter Falls’ material, head to any major music and streaming site now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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