Wallners – “Ships”

Wallners’ latest single “Ships” is a dreamy song that showcases the band’s knack for creating vivid imagery through otherworldly orchestration. The flow of the song is sonically reminiscent of floating on the waves, perfectly illustrating the lyrics with driving piano, restrained percussion, and expertly placed guitar embellishments. “Ships” is a tune that will transport you to a new world simply by pressing “play”.

“Ships” begins with a pensive piano melody that continues throughout the track, carrying the song as if it were the ocean beneath the ship. The instrumentation subtly builds with light percussion as the verse begins, sung with a conversational delivery that adds to the longing feel of the song. Ambient electric guitar decorates the backdrop with reverberating riffs that round out the melody and encapsulate you in a swirling vortex of peaceful sounds. The chorus sings “Ships are sailing, sailing on my dreams” as you are whisked away on the tide.

Wallners is comprised of four siblings from Vienna that began their musical journey by playing together in their living room. Laurenz, Anna, Max, and Nino have recently found success after sending their demos to record labels and unexpectedly finding a home at Universal Music. Following the release of their first single “in my mind”, “Ships” solidifies the young band’s undeniable talent and potential with its dynamic instrumentation and beautifully memorable lyrics.

Written by Katrina Charles

Written by Katrina Charles

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