“If I See You” – Oh Blonde

There are not too many songs like “If I See You” by Oh Blonde. Most songs about the end of a relationship of any kind are either brewing in regret, sadness, anger, or all of the above. Instead, Oh Blonde approaches the end of a situation with a level of maturity that in many ways, could help those in similar situations move on and look back not with malice, but with a smile. 

Oh Blonde admits that for “If I See You,” she took the difficulties of her reality and just let go in the studio. Everything that was in this Norwegian artist poured into a session she had alongside the song’s co-writer Elsa Søllesvik and producer Ola Frøyen. Together they crafted a song with a broken foundation but managed to fill the cracks with honest insight, and come out the other side with a song that is as charming as it is, heartfelt. Oh Blonde could have gone so many directions with this song, but the path she chose was a refreshing one put to song and her vocals are unmatched. 

It was surprising to learn this was Oh Blonde’s debut single as everything from the performance to the songwriting sounded like it came from someone who’d released at least a half dozen songs thus far. A good sign that whatever comes next will be worth the wait. To hear “If I See You,” make sure to check out Oh Blonde on all major music and streaming platforms today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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