“Dead Plants” – Maia Onda

Singer, songwriter, and producer Maia Onda has just released her debut single “Dead Plants”, a dynamic song with straightforward lyrics that showcases Onda’s beautifully clear voice and unpredictable musical style. With unusual and engaging production that will have you wondering what comes next, this is a song that will have your attention from beginning to end.

With no intro in sight, “Dead Plants” leaps directly into the verse with Onda’s relaxed and rhythmic, conversational singing. The instrumentation is light and percussive, sparsely decorating the off beats with ambient staccatos. Suddenly, a choir of voices rises and leads into the punctuated chorus as she sings “you treat me like the plants that you don’t water anymore”. The style of the song shifts suddenly and often, but somehow flows together so well that you’re left wondering if it even happened. Then, with the next sudden change, you are onto the next chapter of the story.

Though the Austrian artist has over thirty original, self-produced songs on her YouTube Channel, “Dead Plants” is the 19-year-old singer’s first official single. With her unique and engaging style, beautiful voice, and impeccable production, Maia Onda is a young artist with an incredibly original vision and the talent that will let you see that vision, too.

Written by Katrina Charles

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