“Home” – Hemes

“Home” by Hemes is an anthemic pop-rock song overflowing with relatable lyrics, powerful vocals, and dreamy instrumentation. If you’re a fan of this genre, there’s pretty much no better example of it. Hemes embodies both musicality and angst as she belts her way through well-shaped melodies, conjuring the likes of Charly Bliss or even Hayley Williams. Not to mention, the integrity of the songwriting itself could stand alone.

A vibrato-drenched electric guitar introduces us to the chords as Hemes begins the verse: “Packed up my clothes for the fifth time / Cleared out the room that I made mine.” The brightness of her lower register carries the already morose message, infusing it with both personality and authenticity. New dreamy textures layer in, like background vocals and guitar motifs. There’s a clear build toward the impending chorus, which explodes with a cloud of distortion, bass, and drums. The underpinning becomes deeply rhythmic as Hemes cries, “Oh my legs feel weak.” She pushes high into her chest voice with a climactic flair. The development of ideas, both musical and literal, really culminates at this moment. We get a lot of juxtaposition to the verse (i.e. gentleness/loudness and dejection/acceptance), and it feels incredibly satisfying. As far as choruses go, Hemes excels in giving us the dynamics we yearn for.

Give “Home” a listen and a download! It’s such a vibrant example of good songwriting, masterful delivery, and emotional gratification. Plus, you might just have gained a new favorite rock artist afterward.



Written by Alyce Lindberg

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