“Part Of Mine” by Call Me AL

“Part Of Mine” by Call Me AL is one of those heartfelt, ethereal alternative pop songs with a melody so memorable you’ll want to find the love of your life. Simple yet well-constructed chord progressions convey just the right amount of sentimentality while keeping it light-hearted. We had the pleasure of interviewing Call Me AL, and here is what she had to say:

Q: Thanks for your time! So first things first, how did you start off with music? Was it difficult at the beginning?

CALL ME AL: Hey! So, I started off with the usual 5 year old dream and a crap karaoke machine. I would be putting on some epically terrible shows for my family. One day, my older sister said “you can actually sing really well” from there I always had a love for singing and writing but it took a long time of rubbish school bands and musical theatre to find my feet. I moved to London and started a band.

That worked really well for a few years. Unfortunately, Covid messed all that up so I decided to operate solo. There are a lot more ups and downs in that crazy journey but in short yes it’s difficult and sometimes I feel like giving up. I feel like I’m finally in a comfortable place with the freedom to do whatever I want, however I want to do it. I have a long way to go still but I’m proud of the journey and excited to see what’s next.

Q: I see you have a dog named Winston which he is so adorable by the way. Will he get to be in any music videos one day? Does he already have his own doggy career already?

CALL ME AL: Haha! Yes he’s legit the best thing. I spent many years wanting a pup and decided that in 2023 I would be a dog mom, so here we are!

He will most definitely be starring in a music video. Once the weather clears up I’ve got big plans for some fun music videos for my first two singles… watch this space.

Oh and in terms of Winston’s career he’s already doing very well please check out his instagram @winstontheredcockapoo he’s an absolute star!

Q: Let’s talk about your newest single, “Part Of Mine.” What was the inspiration for it? How does it compare to your other music?

CALL ME AL: So the concept originated from a conversation I had with my boyfriend. We were discussing how we feel super connected on a deeper level and I said to him I feel like the universe brought us together. After that I was on a train and sort of toying with the idea (I write all my lyrics ideas in a giant notes folder on my phone and then transfer them to my notebook) so I was sitting on this train a little moody and writing away all the feels trying to describe the love I have for him.

It wasn’t until the song was in a more complete stage that I realized I connected with it in more ways than my relationship with my boyfriend. It felt like a love song for my family, my dog, my friends. Just perfectly describes how lucky I am to have my people and I know the universe brought us together!

It’s different from my other music in that it’s quite acoustic and stripped. I felt like this single didn’t need a lot of production because the lyrics really speak for themselves. My other tunes definitely are a bit more upbeat & you can dance to them. With Part of mine I wanted it to be a stripped back cherished moment in time, kind of like how I feel when I’m with my people.

Q: When will you be releasing new music in the near future? Will this be a continual thing throughout 2023?

CALL ME ALI will be releasing an EP this summer of 2023! Dates TBD but I have three songs on a demo. I love that I want to get out by summer so I can do some fun shows!

Q: I’d love to know more about your various experiences in the industry that have influenced the kind of music that you create?

CALL ME ALWell I’ve been making music for a while now and to be honest I think despite how the industry changes my lyric writing style has stayed the same. I don’t write to a brief and I don’t write what’s in fashion. I will simply come to my co-writer Toby and say, “Dude, I had a terrible day and I am emotional. I wanna write about this”. A song will come from whatever is on my mind at that moment. I use music as therapy. I struggle a lot with mental health and it’s definitely a healthy outlet for me!

I’d say that sonically my sound has developed. I am definitely influenced by various sounds I like and new ideas. Even though I hope my music improves over time, I still want the process and the meaning to remain the same. I could never sing a song very well live if I didn’t feel authentic when I was writing it.

I do have a single on the new EP that talks a bit about my experience as a woman. Unfortunately, I won’t say too much but it touches on my experiences in a very male dominated patriarchal industry.

Q: How would you say that you have grown as a musician over the past year? How has your sound matured and developed? What has remained the same?

CALL ME AL: I’ve grown up a lot. Personally I’m learning to moderate my emotions and channel them into something good. I wasn’t proficient at that before I found I’d often just spend time out drinking and be too hungover to write or record anything. Now I feel like I prioritise my music and my mental health. This is cool.

I always loved a vintage sound- I’m always referring back to old 70’s and 80’s tunes for production references. That’s something I’ve kept the same and I will always keep it that way. I have tried to be a bit more confident in asking for what I want now. I used to think my opinion wasn’t as valuable because I was young or people knew more than me. When I don’t like something, it’s good to say no, especially when I don’t like it. I am now learning to find my voice and realize it’s my work.

Interviewed by Shertara Brazil





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