“Hold Her While You Can” – Stephen Sanchez

While he may have been born after the 21st century to a world that relies on technology and breathes reality TV, there is something magically nostalgic about the way Stephen Sanchez can make his modern ways sound like they’re coming from a jukebox over 50 years ago. Melodic charm that lends itself to the innocent lyricism is why this Nashville-based artist has managed to cause quite the stir with less than half a dozen releases to his name, and “Hold Her While You Can” is only adding to the growing interest in Stephen Sanchez. 

If there were lessons to be learned in the past couple of years they’d be; toilet paper goes first in an emergency, we should’ve been washing our hands a lot more, and life is too short. The latter being what the latest single from Stephen Sanchez revolves around – especially when it comes to love. We’re only alive for a miniscule time, and most of us manage to love someone for a fraction of that time. “Hold Her While You Can” is a reminder to make the most of that fraction of time. He does so with lighthearted notes from the guitar laying the brick for the sincere poetry of Stephen Sanchez’s heart to follow. 

“Hold Her While You Can” isn’t just the latest from Stephen Sanchez, but the song that holds a candle up to what’s to come from his highly anticipated debut EP, ‘What Was, Not Now.’ Fans can expect that October 15th from Republic Records. Until then, enjoy “ Hold Her While You Can,” which is available now on all major music and streaming platforms.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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