“How Could I Ever Know” – Callen x FLAK

While we can oftentimes recognize when something (or someone) is bad for us, it’s human nature to ignore every red flag. It’s even more in our nature to sometimes yearn for those bad things (or people) long after we’ve walked in the other direction. Nashville-based alt meets pop artist, Callen, captures the essence of pestilential love in his latest alongside FLAK with “How Could I Ever Know.” 


If there is one thing Callen is going to do, it’s always keep you wanting more. “How Could I Ever Know” follows the synth-inspired ways of “Bloodhound” and the lyrically driven “Grew Up In My Head.” Each has shined for their respective reasons. “How Could I Ever Know” shimmering underneath the seductive prowess of the pop production. While the music is enthralling, it’s the story behind the lyrical makeup that keeps audiences hooked on every last word coming from Callen’s torn, battered, and confused heart. 

With each release, Callen has presented a new side of himself both emotionally and musically. His style lends itself to impress fans from various areas of the pop music plain. He has the tenacity to share bills with some of pop’s reigning champs like Shawn Mendes and Harry Styles, but also enough musical chops to win over crowds who appreciate the likes of Jason Mraz. 

As for “How Could I Ever Know,” this is a song destined for Top 40 placement like yesterday. To help it get on top check out “How Could I Ever Know,” out now on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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