“Glass Ceiling” – Matilda Mann

There once was a boy who talked the talk but when it boiled down to it, he couldn’t even crawl – let alone walk the walk. That boy lived rent-free in the mind of Matilda Mann. So much so, she sat in producer Rich Cooper’s studio and within days “Glass Ceiling” called out that particular boy in a wonderfully done, indie pop song. 

The cap on her third EP since 2020, “Glass Ceiling” takes calling someone out and makes it an art form. Matilda Mann doesn’t dig deep with this one, but rather just lays all her cards on the table. It’s that straightforward, blunt approach teamed with the delicate delivery that makes this song the perfect song to bookend her latest EP, ‘Sonder.’ 

Especially in a time when many can relate to the idea behind this song. Those that want to pretend they’re this and that, but when push comes to shove – they’re neither. Just a person wanting to portray themselves in a certain light for the accolades. Today, it’s common to see this regularly not only in life but across the board on social media. 

‘Sonder’ follows the release of ‘If That Makes Sense’ and ‘Because I Wanted You to Know.’ Both of those dropped in 2020, meaning Matilda Mann has been pretty nonstop since the chaos that was 2020 got underway. So for those who want the latest from Matilda Mann to live rent-free in their heads, check out not only “Glass Ceiling” but also ‘Sonder,’ all are available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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