“Would You” – Mikey Dam

Singer and songwriter Mikey Dam has just released his latest single “Would You”, a light, poignant song that is full of innocent vulnerability that will speak straight to your inner child. With a velvety voice and impeccable talent, Dam channels grace and compassion for his younger self as he depicts moments from his unstable childhood.
A light acoustic guitar rhythm sets the heartfelt scene as Dam tells a tale of feeling lost and lonely. The juxtaposition of the bright instrumentation and the yearning lyrics truly captures the youthful perspective of just wanting love and stability while not quite understanding the complexity and depth of situations that becomes apparent as you grow up. He asks, “when I needed someone around these empty hallways, where were you?”
Growing up, the New Zealand-based artist was raised by his Grandmother and Auntie. While the song tells the story of being abandoned, it also tells the story of being found. A heartfelt and honest tune that will deeply resonate with anyone who ever dealt with instability and loneliness growing up, “Would You” is a beautiful, sweet composition that offers a warm embrace of acceptance and understanding. When describing the song, the artist stated “I want this song to reach kids who’re in this situation now, to help them understand that some people just have different upbringings. I hope that people who’ve been through similar situations know they’re not alone.”

Written by Katrina Charles

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