“Greatest Hits” – Gavin James

As Neil Sedaka initially sang, breaking up is hard to do but with that being said – how many great songs have spawned from a relationship’s end? The answer to that is, so many. However, how many of those have been as, dare I say? As heartbreakingly sweet as “Greatest Hits” from Gavin James? Not too many because listening to this song, on one hand I was living for how heartfelt it was but also had to catch pieces of my heart as they fell due to the heartbreak. It was a juxtaposition of emotions set to a wonderful pop beat. 

“Greatest Hits” is that moment when a relationship ends and you’re left with the memories replaying like an infomercial after midnight; straight repeating. Every instance magnified to make your heart hurt a little more as you would do anything for the past to be your present. It’s hard to say goodbye to the good times and Gavin James sums that up best when he laments, “Why do all the good memories hurt the most?” Again though, while this song deals with heartbreak, you can’t help but get pumped by the amazing pop ways of it all. The same as when Mariah Carey had us seeing doubles in a movie theater back in ‘99 with “Heartbreaker.” 

Being able to make us fall for a song about the end, it’s no wonder Gavin James has garnered well over a billion streams. Yes, billion with a B, and has sold a quarter of a million tickets around the world. People are taking notice and wanting more from this Irish master of pop. Fans have already gotten a trio of singles before “Greatest Hits” this year, and this is far from the end of what they’ll receive. For now, you can check out all of Gavin James’ music on all major music and streaming platforms now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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